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What Happens When your Faith is in Peril.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Image: A blue house with a chimney that is partially fallen off a concrete high-rise platform. Image by Unsplash.

Dear God. I feel as if the finish line keeps moving as I run forward.

It seems as if the basket cannot fill up.

It appears as if I keep washing the white sheets,

Yet someone keep dumping a handful of charcoal in each rinse cycle.

What should I do to keep trusting and reach for my daily life?

Am I losing my faith?

Are the cares of this world overwhelming me?

I realize that this is not a new thing for me to feel, but a deferred thing.

What I have done is to push it off with work and with optimism.

Having a good attitude, I thought, would get me to the end game.

Surely, my God will deliver for me.

What I got was a test of stamina.

My stamina is waning, and my motivation is drying up.

Should I stop.

Should I get off.

Why is my step not in line with yours?

What else should I be doing to have your Holy Spirit guide me?

Your promise is to take a little faith and make it big.

Your promise is to give good gifts.

Your promise is to make the unwise wise.

Your promise is to give beauty for ashes.

Received! Thanks so much!

Shouldn’t I want no more than a release from the trauma of the past?

Is that all I should expect?

If so, then settle my heart in contentment.

Thank you, God!


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