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About Us.

About our Name.

How to pronounce 'Qinnamon

Qinnamon is pronounced as "qin·nā·mō·wn" and is referenced in three ​ (3) verses in the Bible: Exodus 30:23; Proverbs 7:17; Songs 4:14. Qinnamon is one of the spices (cinnamon) found in the incense offering to the Lord and reflects the reddish-brown color of the people of the Caribbean, my first source of influence and culture.

What we do.

Trauma and mental illness recovery can cause one to lose a sense of self. In the recovery process the care of self is usually the last on the agenda. Here a Qinnamon we believe that because God “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalms 39:14) makes us, we should indeed treasure our minds and bodies. Self-care seeks to reconnect us with ourselves as authentic beings in our own right and to God our Creator and sustainer. We offer awareness webinars and products to reconnect people with themselves and each other’s wellbeing to promote understanding and joy in living and caring for oneself.

Building Trust

Certifications and Affiliations

Affiliations and Training_ Mental Health First Aid, RAINN, QPR, ADA, ICISF NAMI,
Cheryl standing in front of an audience speaking into a microphone.

Don't look now, but someone with a mental illness is in your pew!

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Over 18 years of  sharing awareness.

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