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Empowered to Speak from Experience

Expertise learned in recovery,  honed through years of community sharing.

Speaking not as a fragile broken clay jar, but of the priceless content of Christ’s empowerment.~2 Cor. 4:5-7

Webinars and Courses on Mental Health & Trauma Awareness

Have you ever heard anyone say mental health awareness was a pathway to understanding God’s purpose for your life? At Qinnamon, we believe it helps guard the heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the spring of life (Proverbs 4:23). The Bible refers to the mind as your heart over 230 times. Mental Health Awareness is essential for:


  • Learning how to care for yourself and love the “mind,” you’re in.

  • Facilitating helping others by learning the signs of a mental health crisis

  • Improving your Spirituality

  • Creating new healthy habits

  • Increasing your love for God

  • Ending the stigma that keeps loved ones bound

  • Creating inclusive worship environments



As Christians and seekers, we all need to “guard our minds” to leverage the brain’s natural ability to be the wellspring of our joy. How can we be intentional in harnessing the potential of spiritual growth from mental health awareness? The answer is “You are not alone.” Combining Bible promises, first-hand experience, and current information is robust. As the organizer of your program, you can select the topics from the service list below and invite a few friends to build awareness with you.

In each 30-minute webinar, we will:
- DISCOVER how mental health awareness can facilitate love (for God, others, and self), unity, and community and help save lives.


- CONSIDER concrete ways to utilize the right strategies to help maintain optimal mental health.


- OUTLINE a way forward to live the concepts, making them a reality in your life and that of your friends.

About our Facilitator:
Read about Cheryl Silvera here.

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Our content and Webinars are from the perspective of one who lives and worships with a diagnosed psychiatric disability in recovery and does not replace, nor attempt to replace, professional counseling services. 

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