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Why I Started Blending Herbal Teas

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A personal journey of health and wellness

Image: Unsplash

My love of teas started as a little girl. Back then, it was known as tea, not herbal tea. Folk would pick anything and add it to a pot of boiling water. As I grew older, I recognized their talks of the healing properties of the teas.

Watching my mom dash back and forth to a neighbor’s house with thermos and towels aroused our curiosity. A lady was in the throes of a difficult childbirth. On our stovetop was a tea of bunches of fresh thyme, steeped to make a tea to help with the difficult delivery. I’m not sure how my mom came by that knowledge, but I’m aware that folks in my village would talk of the healing properties of plants.

A few years ago, I would recall what I learned in my youth to assist my mom after her discharge from the hospital. The standard “water pills” and intravenous medicines had not worked for her. With water retention from congestive heart and stage four renal failures, she was swollen and distressed by edema (excessive water in the body). I remembered the teas from my childhood.

I went in search of Dandelion but could not find it in my local supermarkets. The pricier grocers have such fresh herbs and in the organic variety. Fresh Dandelion was prepared to remove soil and sand, finely chopped, and made by decoction method into a tea (I’ll explain the decoction method in a bit).

Mom was at a stage where she trusted me to try the tea as nothing else had worked for her. We fed her four ounces of the tea every three hours. At about the third serving, we started to measure the output.

Her body started releasing the water that it had been storing to her detriment. We praised God, and as her nursing helper and I photographed and sent this evidence to the Nephrologists and cardiologists, we recognized the marvelous work by God.

Emboldened with this success, I then turned to make another tea, this time from Parsley. Parsley, finely chopped to release all the sap from the stalks, gives a thick jelly-like consistency when cooled, added to my mom’s water-retention cure.

The doctors documented the cures and advised me to keep doing what I was doing for my mom. No more remarkable testimony than that we cannot leave off the herbs and plants that are for the healing of the nation (Genesis 1:29).



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