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A close-up of stemmed leaves with pale veins and dark leaves.


You can help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of depression by exercising. Exercising helps you to:

  • feel better

  • sleep better

  • improve your memory and mood

  • reduce irritability

  • increases self-esteem

 Wet swimming goggles  with blurred pool in the background.


Image of the lower portion of the legs as a person climbs stone steps.


A woman in exercise gear with upturned face and arms wide open atop a hill enjoying nature.


A person walking dogs for exercise..


Woman working in a garden for exercise with a city scape in the background.

Just a few minutes each day

Get moving doing whatever you enjoy. jus ta few minutes each day will help when you are not feeling well. Yes, it is difficult to exercise when you are not feeling well, but don't let your emotions rule. Exercise anyway! It will help energize you and it doesn't have to be strenuous to have health benefits.

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